Reserved for the discerning

40 limited

2 & 3-storey hilltop bungalows

146 meters above sea level

Live the best life with the best views. Every day.

At 146 meters above sea level, your home on verdant high grounds is the epitome of luxury and sustainability. Experience a whole new level of eco-friendly luxury living at your very own exclusive hilltop bungalow that is elegantly fitted with sustainable features and awarded the provisional GreenRE Gold Certification.

The ultimate luxury, enjoyed in your privacy

ViO Banj’ran Exclusive Hilltop Bungalows await those seeking life's finest offerings, both within and around home.

Here, vast surroundings, private panoramic views, elegant sustainable fittings, and lush amenities are best enjoyed from high above—far from worries and the ordinary.

Inviting the outdoors in are double-volume ceilings adorned with ample floor-to-ceiling windows.

Luxuriate in home’s spectacular showcase of panoramic views coupled with remarkable cross ventilation.

Private rooftop terrace

ViO Banj’ran Exclusive Hilltop Bungalows are thoughtfully crafted with a private rooftop terrace. Because home should be where magnificent panoramic views are ready for your indulgence, whenever you desire. Marvel at your personal highland and feel on top of the world every single day, as you should.


From elevated views to eco-friendly features and luxurious interiors, your exclusive hilltop bungalow is ready to indulge you.

Where views lift you up

146 metres above sea level

Rooftop terrace with panoramic views

Where every drive is lush

Tree-lined driveway

Thoughtfully crafted landscaping

Where the community lives fully

Gateless concept

Wide welcoming streets

Where safety is priority

Home alarm security system

Smart home with digital smart lock

Perimeter fencing with CCTV

Where nature sings praises

Sustainable features with Provisional GreenRe gold rating

Solar panels and water heating system

Rainwater harversting system

Water saving fittings

EV ready

Floor Plan

3-storey bungalow

2-storey bungalow

Site Plan




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