2-Storey Link Homes

Living in the heart of everything.
Quality and affordability.
Convenience and connectivity.
Security and community.

Come home to an oasis of serenity,
a nurturing base for your family,
a gateway to everywhere wonderful.


Amenities nearby

   Toll Plaza

Plaza Tol Seremban
Plaza Tol Bandar Ainsdale


SJK (C) Hillside Seremban
SJK (C) Tung Hua S2 Heights
SMK Seremban 2
SK Seremban 2A
SK Seremban 2B
SK Wawasan 

 Shopping Mall

Mydin Mall
NSK Trade Market
Palm Mall


Columbia Asia Hospital
KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital


S2 Club
City Park, S2
Hill Park, S2 Height
Kepayang Hill

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