A Revolution is Sweeping Seremban 2.


Are you in search of a spectacular home with a private central park?
Rimbun Impian emphasizes a return to our roots in nature.
The lush greenery and tranquil environment naturally allows quality together with your loved ones.

Strategic Location

Amenities nearby

Toll Plaza

Plaza Tol Seremban
Plaza Tol Bandar Ainsdale


SJK (C) Ladang Hillside
SJK (C) Tung Hua S2 Heights
SK Wawasan, Seremban 2
SK Seremban 2A
SK Seremban 2B
SMK Seremban 2
SMK Bukit Kepayang Seremban 2

Shopping Mall

Aeon Mall
Mydin Mall
NSK Trade City

Medical Institution

SEHAT Healthcare Centre
Columbia Asia
KPJ Seremban Specialist

Master Plan

House Types

Type A

Type A

22’ x 78’
From 2,586 sq ft built-up

Type B

Type B

24’ x 75’
From 2,820 sq ft built-up

Both homes features:

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IJM Land Seremban 2 Sales Gallery

PT 10786, Seremban 2,
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Developer: Seremban Two Holdings Sdn Bhd (357468-H) PT 10786, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. ▪ Developer’s License: 9567-22/11-2021/01044(L) ▪ Validity Period: 09/11/2019-08/11/2021 ▪ Advertising Permit: 9567-22/11-2021/01044 (P) ▪ Validity Period : 09/11/2019-08/11/2021 ▪ Land Tenure: Freehold ▪ Encumbrances: NIL ▪ Restriction-in-interest: NIL ▪ Completion Date: Dec 2021 ▪ Approving Authority: Majlis Perbandaran Nilai ▪ No. of Units: Parcel 1: 2-storey Link Homes (22’x78’) – 80 units & 2-storey Link Homes (24’x75’) – 121 units ▪ Discount Bumiputra: 10% ▪ Building Plan Approval No.: MPN.431/1/70/2019/2(10) ▪ Selling Price: Parcel 1 (22’x78’) RM982,540 (Min) RM1,515,540 (Max) (24’x75’) RM1,051,440 (Min) RM1,657,240 (Max); THIS ADVERTISEMENT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE NATIONAL HOUSING DEPARTMENT.